for sale

Posted in Bikes on May 4, 2008 by bikergirl112

me and my dad had to take some friends home 2day and on the way to their house i saw this awesome bike for sale!!!   it is like a sparkely green and to top it off ITS A HARLEY!!!   so…  i am thinking that mayb this week i need to take a little trip and go talk to the owner…   rt now i dont have enough money to do anything but perhaps the owner and i can work something out!!    and mayb if i talk to the owner and see what he/she says and get prices and all that… then mayb i can talk mom and dad in2 letting me get it!!!       but i will have to c…..    ( amanda pray that i get it!!  u will b the first person to ride with me!!!  )    lol



well well well

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well…   lol…   me and my mother agreed that i was not to get a motercycle until my grandparents, (  and this may sound bad)  but i cant get a bike till they pass away… and i was like… yeah.. i kno…lol…  so i have to wait a little bit….  lol

i missed out….

Posted in Bikes on March 18, 2008 by bikergirl112

well…  i almost had in my posession a MOTERCYCLE!!!   but i didnt have time 2 stop and look @ the price and all that…..  and even if i did… i prolly wouldnt have had enough money to buy it!    but it lookd awesome!!!   it was like a rust color and white!!!   it lookd like an older model but i wanted it anyway!!     i think that it might have been like a ’96 model…. but im not for sure on that……    but just wanted ya’ll 2 kno that i almost bought a motercycle……   maybe i will come across another one in the near future……

Harley Davidson…

Posted in Bikes on March 11, 2008 by bikergirl112

the 1980 style of Harley Davidson bike is by far my favorite type of bike….. as of right now anyway….     it is black with flames on it…  and i think that when i get a bike that is what it is gunna look like.    In the 1980s it was the new “custom” model…  it had like all the new extra features and that good stuff…. 


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ok…  i think that im gunna talk bout bikes….  considering that is my name on here… lol…..  and the fact that i like bikes…..


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ok….  keelie has been here for like ever!!!     im not complaining tho…..   we have not gotten a lot of sleep…..  i think this weekend i only got like 6 hrs of sleep…..  but thats cuz i didnt go to sleep till like 3am……but thats just me……  but now i b sad cuz i have to take her home 2 day :(……    but i will c her again soon……  🙂

what im gunna blog bout….

Posted in Random stuff on March 8, 2008 by bikergirl112

ok…i think that i am gunna blog about different songs that i like, and what i think that they mean to me…..  and u can comment on what they mean to u……    ok im gunna stop typin now cuz i gots stuff to do….. i will start bloggin later…

luvz u all!!!